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Infoline, powered by Gi Group is a consulting service in the field of labor legislation.
The value you receive comes from over 10 years of juridical experience of the ePayPoint team lawyer, consisting in litigations and consultancy in labor legislation, contracts, commercial and fiscal legislation.
The quality we provide is backed by the expertise of the team of ePayPoint consultants, dedicated to implementing labor legislation and administering the human resources related processes, with an average level of experience of 5 years in:
  • Employment relations
  • Processing employee data and benefits
  • Employees administration.

Service features:

  • Periodical legal reports containing updates on the modifications appeared in the legal regulations, having an impact on day-to-day activities in the field of administering human resources and payroll, with opinions and practical recommendations from our specialists` team.
  • Precise information: delivering, in maximum 3 days, the normative regulations with immediate implications on the development of human resources management activities from your company
  • Dedicated consultancy on problems raised by you, specific to your type of activity and challenges.

Why Infoline:

  • We are a team dedicated to provide practical consultancy on active legal regulations, oriented to minimize risks involved in administering human resources, based on our existing expertise in the field
  • We offer you the possibility of making decisions while being aware of all risks, keeping you updated with the practical aspects and last minute legal modifications in the field of human resources, payroll and employee management
  • We assume our recommendations made in the juridical framework
  • We offer confidentiality for all information we encounter and work with during our service provision
  • By saving your time resources, we offer you the possibility to reassign them for other activities meant to optimize your company`s competitiveness.

Due to the confidentiality specified in the commercial contracts with our clients, we are not allowed to promote their names, however, we can specify the fact that they are known multinational companies, active in the following industries:

  • Energy
  • Industry
  • Production
  • Hospitality
  • IT
  • Telecommunications
  • Pharma
  • Medical services
  • Business to business services.